Dance with Spirit

2016   (under construction)    Check out videos and photo gallery

DANCE WITH SPIRIT as the name of my website may give people the idea I am a dancer.  If you watch my dance videos, you will see that I am not a dancer in the normal sense of the word. What I do is dance with energy. It is an expression of joy and also a form of meditation for me.  One of the purposes of this website is to help people evolve by going within. I am sharing my journeys, my spiritual philosophies and also how my path is unfolding before me.  I am sharing videos of my travels, articles and insights and also links for those who would like to begin their journey and are looking for a place to start. It is a place for family and friends and sharing.  Some things are just too good to keep to yourself!  Everyone is welcome to share the joy!

I have taken most things off my website because I feel it is time to "update" things after many years of spiritual study and travel. In the meantime you may check out my pictures and videos. In the video "In Your Eyes" you will see some beautiful pictures on the other side of the veil. There are also some videos of my journeys to Egypt and more.

Please check back soon as I plan on updating the pages temporarily removed on Healings and Journeys.